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We got you covered with our zero down offer. You can also buy and own your system. We’ll tailor your agreement based on your needs
50% rebate on our solar panel service for more info call us at 1-800-734-7963
Smart Solar Panels

Smart Solar Panels

We’ll help you file your permits, plan as well as install your solar panels, and continuously monitor your solar energy usage. We’re also one of the only companies in the industry that provides micro inverters amongst all of our installations.

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We provide quality service installations for business and private clients. With Elite Synergy Solutions as your service provider, you save more money by skipping the middle man and the installations are free of charge. To ensure your equipment is running smoothly, we also provide free maintenance on a quarterly basis.


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    Pane Window
    To ensure we provide you the most effective products, we work with top manufacturers who offer high quality double and triple window panes. We’ll match the right products to your needs for the best results.
  • Smart Solar Panels Tankless
    Water Heaters
    We continually work on maximizing your savings by using the highest grade tankless water heaters. Heat up water only when you need it, and say goodbye to standing pilot lights that consume a great deal of energy.
  • Backup Batteries BACKUP
    We’re partnering with prominent renewable energy companies who are working on perfecting solar-powered backup batteries. This way we can provide you the most innovative ways of efficiently powering your home.
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    Roof replace &

    We complement our smart solar panels with by repairing & installing top-grade shingle roof on your home. This allows us to protect your house from water damage & save you money.

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$0 down payment — Through the HERO Program, homeowners can avail of $0 down financing. High quality solar panels will have a 15-20 year warranty.

Purchase your system — Homeowners also have the option to purchase their solar panels directly. High quality solar panels will have a 15-20 year warranty.

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