Three Types of Solar Energy Technology

Think you know everything solar? Take a deeper look into the three main types.

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and free. It is the most abundant source of alternative energy. Solar technologies turn sunlight into energy that is used to power residential and commercial buildings.

Many of our clients have been asking us about solar power and which solar technology is the right fit for their home. Today, we’ll talk about the different types of solar technologies and why it is a worthwhile investment for you, your future, and your wallet!

There are three major types of solar technology. Each technology allows us to utilize solar energy in several ways.

Photovoltaic (PV)

Photovoltaic, or solar panels, is the primary technology employed to produce electricity which is then used, stored, or converted to power homes. Today, solar panels are the most sought after technology to power homes across the country. This is mainly due to the huge decline in both installation and panel purchase cost which has fallen about 50% in the last 5 years.

Since the sun’s energy is free, a solar system can power up your entire home in an environmentally clean manner, while delivering its promise to save homeowners’ hard earned cash.

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

When using concentrated solar power, reflective materials, such as, mirrors are used to concentrate sunlight onto solar collectors to generate thermal energy. Subsequently, the heated thermal energy produces steam, which can power electric generators.

Concentrated solar power differs from solar panels in that CSPs run as large scale power plants. Since they operate at such a massive scale, CSPs cost more than solar panels and would need a much larger home to house these reflectors. With that said, solar power plants are a powerful tool because they can further reduce the cost electricity from $0.21 to $0.13 per kilowatt hour.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is different from all the above because it doesn’t convert sunlight into electricity. Rather, it generates thermal energy for water in the home, pool heating or direct heating to buildings. There are two kinds of available solar heating for homeowners: solar hot water and solar pool heating. Solar hot water panels, or domestic hot water, delivers hot water needed for laundry, washing dishes, and maintaining a warm shower. As the name suggests, solar pool heating provides warm comfortable water to swim in, even during cooler days.

Heating water alone takes 14% of energy use. With solar heating, residents can significantly offset their electricity bill. 

Turning Sunlight to Instant Savings

Solar technology is standing strong against traditional sources of energy. With continuous innovation, solar power is becoming more and more affordable and accessible. Elite Synergy Solutions is pushing the boundaries of solar energy technology’s affordability and accessibility. We assist homeowners, like you, access government rebate programs to help you transition from traditional sources of energy to the energy of the future. With our expertise, sunlight can become your source of power and instant savings!

To learn more, send us a brief message so we can discuss the endless possibilities! (“discuss the endless possibilities” has a hyperlink to Elite Synergy’s contact us page).


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