Up Close and Personal with Elite Synergy Solutions

Sit with Elite Synergy and discuss life, work, and a brighter future.

Driving through the busy street of Wilshire Boulevard is usually stressful. But today, the commute to Elite Synergy’s office is as clear and breezy as a Sunday morning drive. Elite Synergy Solutions is Elite Investment Management Group’s latest venture in the renewable energy industry. Elite Synergy has been Elite Investment’s passion project since they started their company in 2012. 

Progress is a slow process that takes time to flourish. But once it’s cultivated, progress will continue to thrive. Elite Investment has finally launched Elite Synergy Solutions! The people behind the Elite franchise hope to share all the blessing and savings to California homeowners.

We sat with Elite Synergy to discuss life, work, and a brighter future.

Q: How did Elite Investment Management Group start? Where are you currently located?
A: We started Elite Investment with the desire to build and create extraordinary houses that stand out in neighborhoods across California. We have been successful with implementing high-end, modern design that is affordable to middle class families.

Q: What inspired you to venture into the renewable energy industry?
A: While building custom homes, we gathered knowledge and experience that inspired us to venture into the renewable energy industry. We saw how we can further help homeowners save more money by installing US-made solar technology. At one point, we received a call from a client asking about solar panel installation. We came up with the idea of an energy efficient company that will provide maximum savings to homeowners, so they can invest their extra cash wisely by helping the environment. 

Q: As a new company, why should homeowners trust Elite Synergy?
A: Homeowners should trust us because we initially started the business to help them save money. We take pride in the fact that we invest our own money into research and towards purchasing top-quality equipment so we can offer homeowners the most bang for their buck. With Elite Synergy being our passion project, our main source of income is Elite Investment. This facilitates Elite Synergy’s ability to focus on helping better the lives of families and the environment, with the goal to provide a better world for our children. 

Q: What is Elite Synergy’s work culture?
A: As a company, we strive to cultivate a culture that ensures that alternative energy is available and affordable to as many clients as possible. To ensure we maintain our inclusivity, we undergo a specific recruiting process where we hire dedicated and hardworking employees that share our goals. Client satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on quality customer service, while always being accessible and transparent with our clients. This is possible because our company culture is in-synch with our staff’s interest of providing alternative sources of energy to homeowners – to save them money and to conserve our environment.

Q: How would you describe Elite Synergy’s work ethic?
A: At Elite Synergy, we always look at things from a homeowner’s perspective. We dedicate our time and energy and always give our 110%. With this kind of work ethic, we can evaluate our client’s current situation and provide the best solutions to improving his/her house’s energy efficiency.

Q: Why is it important for Elite Synergy to provide affordable alternative sources of energy?
A: It’s important for us to provide homeowners with affordable energy solutions since today’s electricity bills are very expensive. Additionally, from and environmentally conscious perspective, we strongly believe that harnessing solar energy is a better investment than further exhausting traditional sources of energy. 

Q: Where do you see Elite Synergy 10 years from now?
A: We plan to be in the business of providing homeowners with quality alternative sources of energy for more than 50 years. Logistically speaking, 10 years from now, we want to be as competitive as other affordable non-energy efficient energy companies. Technologically speaking, we want to be able to have the capacity to monitor each solar power system to ensure homeowners get the most out of their investment. 

Q: What makes Elite Synergy standout from other solar companies?
A: We stand out from other solar companies because we are not here for the money alone. We exist for a cause – to provide essential services and technologies that save homeowners their hard-earned money. What other solar companies offer as an additional cost, we give as a standard.

At the end of the day, we parted ways with Elite Synergy executives with the knowledge that they are committed to providing California homeowners access to affordable alternative sources of energy. With a culture that promotes a dynamism and inclusivity, Elite Synergy Solutions is a solar power company worth investing your time and money.  



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