Finance Your Solar Installation Through HERO

Homeowners need not worry about the costly price of solar installation, all thanks to...

With electricity bills on an all-time high coupled with the growing concern over climate change, many homeowners are transitioning from non-renewable sources of energy to alternative resources, such as solar power, wind power, and hydropower. 

Homeowners can take advantage of affordable solar products and other sources of clean energy that are out in the market. With clean energy technology's advancements, smart solar panels, double pane windows, and backup batteries are more efficient than ever.

However, many homeowners are still not sold on switching to renewable sources energy. For the most part, homeowners are skeptical about financing solar technology on their houses. They believe the upfront cost of going solar is pricey and is not worth the hassle.

Homeowners need not worry about the costly price of solar installation, all thanks to the HERO Program. The HERO Program finances homeowners transitioning from non-renewable sources of energy to clean energy. Through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), HERO provides energy efficient and water saving home improvements.

Whether your priority is to lower your electricity bills or save our environment, HERO Program is here to help homeowners reach their goals. HERO offers $0 down with no credit checks required. Through HERO, homeowners would:

  • Borrow money to purchase solar panels or other energy-efficient products;
  • Pay off their loans by using an additional line-item on their property tax bill;
  • Have the power to choose which energy-efficient products they want to be installed;
  • Hire reliable and local contractors to work on their project; and
  • Increase the value of their property.

Elite Synergy Solutions has partnered with the HERO Program to provide California homeowners affordable solutions to clean, renewable energy. When you are ready to upgrade your house to renewable energy, you can schedule your free consultation with Elite Synergy Solutions to learn more about how solar panels work and how HERO Program will save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill.


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