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The Elite Synergy Solutions’ mission is to cultivate a greener and healthier environment for today’s future. We are the fastest growing renewable energy company that also promotes alternative energy resources through education and information rather than sales pitches.

By offering the latest green technology we can ensure households use only the best resources for their homes. We aspire to make clean energy affordable for everyone and have helped many homes already join the movement of reducing global warming as well as increasing savings.

About Our Crew

Elite Synergy Solutions is run by a group of hard working, dedicated individuals from diverse career paths all converging to create renewable energy solutions in order to help homeowners save energy as well as money. We run a warm and professional business that is client-centric based on our definition of customer satisfaction as "happy families using clean energy".


Jonathan Menlo

Having an extensive background in real estate management, Jonathan established a well-built reputation and name in the real estate industry. In his days as Regional Director for Century Quality Management, he oversaw the day-to-day field and administrative operations of over 2,000 units.

He is best known for increasing rental income & property value by conducting market surveys as well as analyzing real estate data. He initiated and instituted massive rehabilitation projects for thousands of CQM-owned units.

To this day, Jonathan holds a wide range of managerial duties, both field or administrative, for the Menlo family real estate business comprised of over 5,000 rental units, 2,000 nursing home beds, and numerous office as well as retail properties.

Pinny Rosenbaum

Although born in California, Pinny was actually raised in New York as well as Belgium and then went on to continue his studies throughout the biblical colleges in Israel, England, and New York. While studying in New York, Pinny continued his education by attending a business school during his nights where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

Coming from a family that invests in properties in Europe and Israel, Pinny decided to also pursue a career in real estate. Since 2008, he has worked as a real estate broker, an accountant at a public accounting firm, and a financial analyst at a real estate development firm. Pinny supervised the purchases and sales of dozens of transactions.

Pinny speaks 4 languages: English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and French. He currently lives with his family in Los Angeles.

Eran Hafner

Eran studied communication and management at Tel Aviv College in 1998. Shortly after Eran relocated to Los Angeles, California in 2005 where he started his career in the solar industry. His mission to help families transition to alternative sources of energy empowered Eran to further his education and licensure. In 2007, he then went on to receive his contractor license.

Seeing the positive impact of solar energy in people’s lives, Eran has passionately been working hard to ensure that working families’ homes are solar powered, while saving additional money. He believes that when people work together to power up the world with renewable energy that anything is possible.

Meir Siboni

With zero complaints or citations in his 10-year experience in the construction industry, Meir Siboni is best known for his perfectionism and stellar honesty. These traits and their by-products can be traced back to his memorable times serving in the military.

Meir enlisted himself in the Israeli Defense Forces at the age of 18. Retiring as a Captain, he then transitioned to the business world.

After earning his CSLB in 2005, he capitalized on Los Angeles’ booming construction market. Pushing through during the crisis of 2008, he set record breaking sales on new construction developments giving him the reputation of a determined perfectionist who will stand firm to deliver a spotless project. Meir currently holds degrees in Economics and Communications from Tel Aviv University.


Through our growth with solar technology, we can provide our clients with the highest quality of service in helping homeowners and the environment. All of our panels are US manufactured with a 25-year warranty. Our experienced team will provide top quality service and installation.

To offer more savings, we sell our solar panels to our clients directly, instead of leasing the panels themselves. When homeowners own their solar panels, they are able to lower their utility bills because they are using the excess energy, rather than returning them to the solar company’s grid.

We offer through our affiliation with the HERO program other financing options to help homeowners.
We'll walk our clients through the entire rebate process to ensure they understand and take
full advantage of the 30% tax rebate.

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